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Acting & Drama Classes
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Do you have a place or space that you'd would like us to fill with poetry for several days? We can bring Jardin Rouge to you.... 

Jardin Rouge started to grow in De Roode Bioscoop, a tiny little theater in the hearth of Amsterdam. Every year Mr Moon will host several multiple days of events in de Roode bioscoop, presenting extraordinary art(ists) from every corner of the globe.


Legend has it, Mr. Moon has traveled and played every street corner, town square, and theater. We are from the tradition of hucksters, public criers, who are not afraid to go out and find their audience in the most unlikely of places. Accustomed to playing on different continents, we wave our flags and play our instruments to defend our imaginary country, our mixed language and our plural culture. The streets call us and we call the streets, determined to join the public space to show a little disorder, plant the seeds of a fantasy, and a dream of a society where everything and everyone is blended. We created a show totally adaptable to any space we find: an interactive and intimate theatre experience where the audience comes hair-raisingly close to the performers, who will challenge them in any way. 


Mr and Mrs Moon, Catalina, and Nora on the Moon are the core of this family, they are the ones traveling everywhere, without a choice. But they always welcome new members, foreign cousins, lost sisters and brothers, other troubadours. Mr Moon can be played with four, five, til ten actors or musicians. We are willing to be flexible and include new members on the road. We already played with circus artists, with a mexican-balkanic brass band, a scottish drummer and a turkish dancer… Who’s next? Who will we meet on the way?

Sometimes the Moon family is invited to stay for a while in a place, square, festival or theater. In that case we can turn the place into 'Jardin Rouge'. A garden where the Moon family are the hosts and we invite other musicians, clowns, performers and artists to play in the garden. Every corner will be filled with poetry....

Singing & Dance
Mr Moon & Tlazolteotl Orkestra

This incredibly virtuous brass balkan tornado was touring with Mr Moon all over Mexico in October and November 2019. And will be with them in the summer of 2020

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