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Festival d'Avignon OFF | Mr. Moon 

Photography by Julie Cherki

Mr. Moon 2022 Teaser

Video by Thomas Grundrich

It’s a two minutes walk from Porte Saint-Lazare that it happens. You won’t regret the trip, we promise. What is it about? Well, quite an exciting show. Mr. Moon – association of the theatrical branch Moon Cabaret from the art collective Snowapple - is a cosmopolitan troop like no other, a truly atypical company, a dreamlike and out-of-the-ordinary cabaret that tells us stories in the form of travels, triumphantly in a joyful atmosphere. Here there are no rules, no constraints: a show bringing together punk-trend clowns, musicians, funny divas, puppeteers and troubadours with missions in the background such as the status of women in Mexico. So here is the Moon family, a family broken down or reconstituted but well united in the delirium and the warmth of
the brass.

Let yourself go, without doubt, you will fall under the wild and magnetic charms of Mr. Moon and his diva, the sublime and magnetic Laurien Schreuder, a Dutch girl straight out of Berlin from the 80s. In short, 50 minutes of pure joy. Mr. Moon’s motto? “And if we travel, it’s not by choice, it’s because of our truth, that no one wants. So, let’s laugh, dear public, because tomorrow we will be gone, and you will resume the course of your lives”. The final word? “Thank you for this moment, Mr. Moon!”

Le Figaro  |  'Mr. Moon'

By Nathalie Simon and Anthony Palou

Hechizo Evil Wizard

Snowapple, Moon Cabaret

& Mujeres del Viento Florido

Video by Julia Louisa Hollander

Á La Nuit Tombée

Video by Shadi Chaaban & Moon Cabaret

Like Funkadelic, if they had been influenced by Eastern European cabaret and featured a Mexican Marching Band, Mr Moon are a psychedelic take on musical theatre that draws upon mime, mask-work and ferocious instrumental workouts that suddenly switch on the emotional intensity. The story is one of the traveller players, banned from the cities yet still peddling their mysterious messages to any assembled audience.


Gig theatre has been a strong presence at the Edinburgh Fringe in the past decade, but Mr Moon blurs the boundaries between theatre, cabaret and concert. The musicians are the actors are the characters who emerge from a drama which appears to be happening beyond the stage: a dysfunctional family of those who dare to step beyond the mundane, they roar and rage, seduce and cajole the audience to capture an atmosphere that never resolves into a logical narrative, but evokes a world that cannot be tamed or defined. At their most intense, two performers become moons, wearing contrasting masks of black and white: the song alludes to creation myths, of encroaching darkness and light as the performers’ bodies are transformed from human into lithe, liminal creatures. The human body itself is the puppet now, the music the strings or rods, the musicians equally caught in the maelstrom. And while it

is the music that drives the production, the physical contortions transform the songs into an almost ritualistic fever dream.

There is nothing as simplistic as a plot – themes of alienation, exoticism and vague threat rise up and are submerged: the finale only feels like a pause in a production that is the life of the troubadour. A battle for power seems to provoke the musicians, yet the Moon family cohere and confront the audience with another way of being.

Four stars.

BBC Scotland  |  Contemporary Puppetry EU Critical Platform

By Gareth K. Vile

Summer 2022 Tour | Het Zonnehuis

Photography by Arsenio Karsters

Mexico 2021

Titanio TV 

Mexico 2021 | Hotel Fontan with el Cuarteto del Viento Florido

Video by Julia Louisa Hollander

Mexico 2021 Tour | el Cuarteto del Viento Florido

Photography by Sylvia Cortés

Mexico 2021 | Casa Snowapple

Photography by Sylvia Cortés

Le Clair de Lune

Video by Thomas Grundrich and Shadi Chaaban

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