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Moon Cabaret is a theatrical branch of the international artists' collective Snowapple that proposes a language bathed in a surreal and phantasmagorical universe, using multiple disciplines as tools of creation.

This branch gathers projects, texts, and music around flamboyant colors and immersive, dark and disturbing creations. Music, dance, theater, puppetry and poetry are all research tools for this parallel universe, oscillating between Lynchian phantasmagorias, Pedro Almodovar's explosions and Tim Burton's aesthetics.


This universe so close to ours and yet so distant is a space of research and expression allowing us to dare to imagine realities questioning our certainties, our relationships, our aesthetics, as a counterpoint to the world in which

we live. By building alter ego worlds, we invite outsiders, dreamers out of the ordinary, creators without names or homes, to come and propose

their work, their reality.

from the
21st century'
20220800_MrM_CVenues_UK_LouisDeDucla (Batch 2)5.jpg

Moon Cabaret gathers the projects Mr. Moon, a multidisciplinary, nomadic and polymorphic show and the Moon Cabaret Music show, a combination of latin rhythm, dark poetry and folk music.


Moon Cabaret also seeks to question the idea of community, of inclusion, of margin, and its characters often set out to assault reality, here at the table of a café, there at the hairdresser's, interacting with reality, improvising, creating around them a little of this universe of freedom and madness. This research, combining the search for alter egos, simultaneous realities, and immersion, proposes spaces where the public can interact freely and directly with the artists. This approach often leads the members of the collective to orchestrate training courses and workshops on various themes.


'We are King’s Fools, preachers, liers

and poets who have seen too much'

— Mrs. Moon

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