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The cinematic reimagining of Snowapple’s surrealist cabaret, the feature-length film

'A Moonless Night', combines puppetry, mime, and international styles of music to tell the story of the moon that falls from the night sky.

The strange patrons of a bar become even stranger when the moon falls from the night sky. Confusion reigns; a business mogul’s pedantry clashes with a diva’s hypnotic lyrics, the bartender’s smile grows suspicious, and the bus boy spills every drink he touches. And all the while the moon herself wanders the unfamiliar earth, her search for balance pulling on the tide of human emotions that awaits her in the bar. 


Director: Eva Schumacher 

Creative Director: Nora Tinholt 

Cinematographer:  Shadi Chaaban

Producer: Talia Shea Levin 

Music: Laurien 

Music Production: David Michael Ott 

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