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Jardin Rouge is a polymorphous and multidisciplinary international festival.


The objective of our festival is to set up

a space of freedom and inventiveness,

to provoke moments where a varied public meets new artistic forms, shaking up the known and the expected.

Jardin Rouge, a production by the international artists’ collective and production company Snowapple, exists to defend emerging and established creation, characterised by audacity, the search for new forms and the breaking of conventions. Jardin Rouge develops in places, theaters, and cultural spaces invested in the support of artists and provides performers a freedom of action and adaptation.

Our festival features spaces that are ready to transform themselves in order to seek out the spectator and surprise them.

Based on the notions of experimentation, laboratory and sharing, Jardin Rouge proposes artists to meet and confront their practices, but also to exchange knowledge with the spectators in informal spaces and during quality workshops, intended for both professionals and amateurs. Together, we celebrate creation, encounters and the pleasure of making mistakes!

Each year since 2019, Martijn Grootendorst, artistic director of Theater De Roode Bioscoop, has given Snowapple a month-long carte blanche to produce Jardin Rouge. Snowapple, Moon Cabaret, Theater de Roode Bioscoop and a host of guest artists have joined forces annually to create this festival through workshops, performances, screenings, meetings and all kinds of art.

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