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Moon Cabaret | Music

Moon Cabaret Music is a show developed by Moon Cabaret & Snowapple. They combine quirky philosophical songs with Latin rhythms, brass-filled melodies with a Mexican flavour. Their music might be best described as ‘avant-garde cumbia’ and is sure to get you moving.

Upcoming releases to look forward to:

  • Mr. Moon / Moon Cabaret. Full Album (Release: October 8 2021)


Meanwhile, check out some songs and video's here:


Laurien Schreuder: vocals, guitar, clarinet

Arno Bakker: sousaphone, vocals

Cynthia Matínez: Cello
Osito Moro von Ropi: vocals, sax, flute
Alan ‘Gunga’ Purves: drums
Bombini: tuba, trombone
Matteo Cerboncini: guitar
Nora Tinholt: saw, percussion