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Mr. Moon | Theater

Have you ever dreamed of a show without order? without borders? A show that brings together clowns, musicians, a diva, a puppeteer, and too many ringmasters?

It’s been three years since Mr. Moon started playing to audiences around the world, and he is still traveling and seeking new adventures. This family, this band, this group of artists and freaks began touring in Europe, playing at festivals, in town squares, and on street corners, before traveling to Mexico to bring their show to the country’s restaurants, cabarets, mezcal bars and theaters. Mr. Moon’s journey will take you from one extreme to the other: from laughter to tears, from doubt to love, from politics to poetry. 


Mr. Moon was developed in 2019 by Moon Cabaret, the theater branch of the international artist collective Snowapple. The company wanted to create a show that could be performed in unexpected places, reach unexpected audiences, and bring together the most bold and talented artists.


Duration: 50-60 minutes

The Cast

Directed by: Eva Schumacher
Music: Snowapple

Stage design: Bin Xu and Nora Tinholt
Costumes: Mohamed Benchellal


Santiago Baculima, Arno Bakker, Matteo Cerboncini, Cynthia Martínez, Gregg Moore,

Alberto Pérez, Alan Gunga Purves, Laurien ‘Mrs. Moon’, Joséphine Terme, Nora Tinholt,

Osito Moro Von Ropi ... and surprise guests!


Ours is a very human story: that of a company built on the road and made of chance encounters, personal tragedies and fate. Who are we? Musicians, clowns, puppeteers, madmen or poets? Why is it so hard to believe anything we say?  And above all, why do we keep doing what we do?


We’ve been travelling for two centuries, storytellers from another time, bound to each other. We’re the ones who were saved, lost before we were found, who have always stood in the shadows.


We are the ‘Lost Children’: neither of this world nor yesterday’s, we wander from stage to stage. We travel through cities to tell our stories, ask questions, offer answers. We don’t keep moving by choice, it’s just that nobody wants our truth. And we’ve taken our fair share of hits along the way.


So let's laugh at this moment of bravery – because tomorrow we’ll be gone and your lives will resume their natural course. Like after a dream: neither good, nor bad, just a little disturbing.

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