Due to COVID19 many tours got cancelled or shuffled up. But we are back!

And we are extremely happy to announce that we will be playing at the Avignon Festival 2021 the full month of July!

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  • Europe & Mexico Tour 2019
    Tue, Aug 22
    Mr Moon toured all over Europe and Mexico in 2019. We played more than 30 shows. On the street, at festivals and in theaters in Italy, France, The Netherlands and Mexico. Here is a video of all projects the Snowapple collective did in 2019 including Mr Moon.
  • Festival d'Avignon 2021
    Tue, Jul 06
    Avignon here we come!! The entire month of July 2021, we will play a 50 minute show at the Festival d'Avignon, the biggest theatre festival that is held every summer in the French city of Avignon. We will play with the entire Mr. Moon cast and an amazing additional brass band.
  • Jardin Rouge Underwater
    Tue, May 04
    In partnership with artists and some of Amsterdam's most historic cultural venues, we invite you to enter our world of circus, distortion and absurdity, a world where the Moon family and their guests reign supreme, teasing, twirling and questioning our daily lives.